Winson Mak's Portfolio


Coming from a family of tradesmen, carpenters, engineers, and designers, my passion for the architectural industry started at a very early age. Fixing, building or figuring out how things were built were definitely some of my early interests, and it eventually led to interests like sketching, model making and miniature painting.

Having over four years of experience in the construction and architecture industry, I decided to study architectural technology after a brief, yet successful, stint at the Urban Planning program at Ryerson University.

Over the years, I have transformed into a motivated and knowledgeable worker with a diverse skill set. I have a strong work ethic, and am a fanatic for perfection and punctuality. Whether at school or at work, I treat all deadlines with great importance; meeting them a few days in advance. I am able to consistently provide the best possible outcomes with exceptional standards. This has allowed me to achieve placement on the Dean’s Honor List, accomplishing a near perfect 3.99 GPA.

I also possess great communication skills and am innately organized; enabling me to work in efficient teams, and making sure processes run smoothly during the day.

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Phone: 647-222-1520